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Meet Roicia

Master Social Worker & Community Advocate

My name is Roicia and I am the Chief Executive Officer and sole owner of Social Roots®.

Social Roots® was created with the idea that we as a community are responsible for one another's success. It is rooted in the ungrudging belief and a cultural lens that we as a collective body of people must nurture, cultivate, and maintain our "village".

We should aim to discover one another's talents. We must invest personal time into each of our individual purposes. Most importantly, we must cultivate our best qualities, heal our trauma, and share our healing journeys with our children, family, and friends.

Love & Light,




What I Specialize In

Child Welfare

Indigenous Communities

African American




Personalized Coaching Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Great customer service! I ordered a box for my sister, but when it arrived at her in Oakland, CA it was messed up in transit. I emailed Social Roots and without questions asked, they had another box sent to my sister right away. Very professional and quick service! 

-Rebekah R.

Social Roots LLC is an incredible organization led by a powerful Leader and community change maker Roicia Banks. Social Roots is changing the stigma of mental health in the Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities in Arizona, by bringing resources to the people. The organization approaches resource distribution with creativity, collaboration with experts, and foundational strategy. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Montego Bay Retreat as well as the Mental Health Summit: ATTITUDE, let’s just say I’ll be joining them in every single event. I am becoming more self-conscious and aware thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained through each training, speaker, and workshop. Thank you Roicia and Social Roots for creating intentional space.

-Danaysha Smith

I was a recipient of the Social Roots LLC., Mother's Day Giveaway. I absolutely loved the Self-Care Box that I received. The materials in the Self-Care Box serve as a daily reminder for me to prioritize my health and wellness so that I may be a more effective advocate for social change. As a fellow social worker, I appreciate the work that Social Roots LLC., is doing to raise awareness on mental health resources for diverse communities. #Impact #Impacter 

-Jeri Perkins

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