Meet Roicia

Master Social Worker & Community Advocate

CEO Ms. Roicia Banks was born and raised in Arizona and was a child who experienced foster care until she was eight years old. She was then adopted by her late Hopi mother Bernice, who fell ill to COVID-19 in February 2021. Banks enjoys sharing her life experiences, what it was like growing up on tribal land, and how it has shaped her career path. She is a first-generation graduate who earned double bachelor's degrees in African & African American Studies and Political Science at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.


In 2013, she received her Master of Social Work from the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. She is currently pursuing a Master of Legal Studies with an emphasis in Federal Indian Law and Conflict Resolution at Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law at Arizona State University. She currently lives in South Phoenix with her loving partner and best friend, her three bonus "kiddos" and her Malti-poo named King. 

Ms. Banks has served children and families within the
state and tribal government for ten years as a social worker and advocate. In an effort to make a bigger impact in her community, she became the sole owner and founder of Social Roots LLC established in August 2018.


Social Roots provides a wide range of social work services focusing on African American and Indigenous communities. Social Roots LLC began as an independent social work consulting business and in 2018, was solely providing home visitation and behavioral health recommendations to attorney clientele. Social Roots expanded programing to creatively and culturally impact those who experience trauma:

"We believe our communities need to strategize and implement unique, preventative, evidence-based practices that center the culture of that family unit," says Banks. "We stress that all behavioral interventions must be realistic and culturally inclusive for healing and family preservation. We as providers can no longer deliver reactive, generic, one-size-fits-all case plans and expect families to heal. We are all uniquely gifted and designed. Trauma uniquely impacts each person emotionally, mentally, physically, even genetically! Therefore each family should be treated with that same caution or approach to healing, it all should be centered in their uniqueness," says Banks.

All families deserve to be equipped with the tools, resources, and information for mental, physical, financial, and spiritual health in order to help create and maintain healthy family households. Our belief at Social Roots is in order to have healthy children who grow into contributing, healthy, functional adults in our society, their parents, families, and communities must also be healthy.