Healthy Roots. Healthy Fruit.

Our belief at Social Roots is in order to have healthy children who grow into contributing, healthy, functional adults in our society, their parents, families, and communities, must also be healthy.


Using the same concept of a healthy environment that grows healthy roots in trees, and then produces healthy fruit, the healthier our environments are, the more likely we are to raise healthy children. 


about us

Social Roots LLC began as an independent social work consulting business on August 10, 2018. In 2018, Social Roots was solely providing home visitation and behavioral health recommendations to attorney clientele.

Since then, we have expanded services to include so much more to help our community at large. 

Social Roots was founded out of the commitment and love for Community. Social Roots believes in order to produce healthy fruit, our ROOTS must be healthy.

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mission statement

We believe our communities need to strategize and implement unique, preventative, evidence-based interventions.


These interventions must be realistic and culturally inclusive for family preservation; we as a nation can no longer provide reactive, generic, "one-size-fits-all " case plans or programs. 

All families deserve to be equipped with the tools, resources, and information for mental, physical, financial, and spiritual health in order to help create and maintain healthy family households.


our services

Social Roots LLC provides a wide spectrum of indirect and direct services. We provide consultation, cultural & behavioral competency training, contract social work, and home visitation for attorney clientele. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the client's living environment, mental health, and behavioral health, with recommendations from a Strength’s-Based perspective.

Our licensed clinical social worker also provides individual therapy, trauma-focused therapy, assisted animal therapy, and EMDR therapy. In addition, we also assist in visitation monitoring with strength-based parent aide instruction. 

Lastly, Social Roots' signature event, "ATTITUDE: A Mental Health Summit for African American Women".  This is an all-day, loving, therapeutic, educational experience that is hosted once a year for women of the African Diaspora.


a word from the founder...

My name is Roicia Banks, MSW, and the owner of Social Roots LLC!

Social Roots was created with the belief that we as a community, are responsible for one another's success. It is rooted in the ungrudging belief, that we must nurture, cultivate, and maintain our "village".

We must invest in one another's talents and cultivate their purpose, and most importantly, we must invest our best qualities, share healing journeys and ancestral knowledge with our children.

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