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Zen to Amen Wellness Retreats

Every Memorial Day weekend, "Zen to Amen" takes an international approach to wellness by escaping the noise of the United States of America and centering ourselves in a tropical escape! We introduce the Japanese and Buddhism term for meditation, "Zen" because we understand the importance to include the body, mind, and soul. As spiritual people, we say, "Amen" to conclude our prayers with God our Creator; but to also include God in our healing journey.


This Wellness Retreat is centered around body, mind, and soul restoration. In partnership with iTravel2GetAway, Social Roots gathers mental health experts, pastors, and influencers from around the United States to share information and resources for wellness (within their scope) with our participants in paradise, for a total of 8 hours!


Zen to Amen 2023 will be held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Will you join us?



This is a safe space for Indigenous Communities to have conversations focused on healing from an Indigenous and cultural lens. This safe space is open to both men, women, and 2Spirit relatives, we welcome all.


This space is facilitated by Indigenous Master Social Work interns Kelly Sims and Lyle Daychild, supervised by Roicia Banks, MSW. If The Talking Circle interests you, we invite you to participate FREE of cost and FREE of judgment. We welcome all people to participate at their comfort level via the ZOOM platform.


Created by and for the African American community, Social Roots aims to challenge the ATTITUDE we as African American people have in our community surrounding mental and behavioral health.


ATTITUDE provides a safe space to learn, engage, and explore mental health concerns with African American women professionals.


This is a space that is intentional, loving, and supportive. Our summit begins promptly at 8:00 AM with our amazing, continental breakfast and our delicious lunch will be served at noon, and we will end on time at 5:00 PM. What can you expect for the day? You can expect 100% sisterly LOVE and support!! 


You will have the opportunity to choose from different relevant and culturally competent workshops presented by African American women professionals. I see you trying to heal sis, healing looks good on you!



With love,


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